Welcome to IBEX

The Complete Practice Management Service
for the Sole Practitioner

How IBEX is Different

What set’s IBEX apart from other practice management services is that our service is designed specifically for sole practitioning healthcare providers, a majority of which are psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Gain Your Independence

While most practice management systems are designed for group-practices (staffed by a small army), IBEX was developed with the singular goal of reducing the bureaucracy of running a medical practice single-handedly, thereby allowing the focus on patient quality care.

Everything in IBEX, from workflow management down to the system’s architecture, has been designed from the ground up to work organically with a sole practitioner’s hectic schedule both in and out of the office.

A Day-to-Day as Easy as  

  1. Enter your appointments using the IBEX Desktop application or your mobile phone’s calendar.
  2. Convert an Appointment into an Office Visit by entering services provided and patient notes (typed, dictated, or handwritten) and 'Conclude' the visit.
  3. Click-and-Drag 'Concluded' Visits onto new patient bill… and That’s It! We take care of the rest. Medical Billing in under 20 seconds!


IBEX automatically synchronizes your appointments across multiple devices. Appointments created in IBEX appear on your Mobile Phone's calendar and vice versa.

Appointment Reminders

Configure some or all of your patients to receive an SMS or E-Mail appointment reminder

Designed for Tablet PC

Patient Notes can be Handwritten using your tablet PC's stylus, Typed, or Dictated

Patient Portal

Whether insurance partially pays a claim or your Patients are private-pay, Patients can always use the IBEX Patient Portal 24x7 to print bills & statements and pay their balances